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Graves Along the Path

Garden City's Requiem Game

Graves Along The Path
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This is the Livejournal for Graves Along the Path, a live action role-playing game of Vampire: The Requiem that takes place in Northern New Jersey. Players can recieve Out of Character information here such as when games are scheduled, as well as have the chances to roleplay downtimes here. In Character posts will normally be by Non-Player Characters, however Player Characters are encouraged to post as well.

This game is part of the Camarilla Fan Club, a white-wolf based fan club for all their roleplaying games. When you join this group you will be asked why you want to join this LJ. Cam members give your numbers as well as your name. However if you are interested in this game an are not a Cam member, send a message anyway and the ST will get you hooked up.