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Our Proposed VSS.

I. Basic Information:
Domain Name: Garden City
Domain Number: NJ-006-I
Venue: Requiem
Venue Name: Graves along the Path
Chapter Storyteller: Crystal Aldrich
Chapter Coordinator: Dominic Mottola

II. Styles of Play:
Action: 3
Combat: 3
Physical Challenges: 3
Character Development: 3.3
Personal External Plot 3
Personal Internal Plot 3
Use of Character’s history: 4
Darkness: 3.6
Character Death: 2
Corruption: 5
Loss of Humanity: 4
Drama: 4.6
Characterization 5
Conflict 4
Theme 4
Intrigue: 3
Politics 3
Negotiation 3
Manners: 3
Status 4
Social Etiquette 2
Mystery: 3.5
Investigation 4
Enigmas 3
Story Pace: 3.6
Emerging: 5
Development 3
Resolution 3

Rating Description:
Rating is based on a scale of one to five. One being never present, Five being always present. This styles of play lists the overall category score and defines the importance of each sub category by scoring it as well. Example: Darkness had a high category rating, Corruption is high however character death is not. There are worse things than death.

III. Venue Description:
Garden City’s games are character oriented. It is the storyteller’s responsibility to guide and serve the players first, however it is also the players responsibility to put effort into their characters. We stress an empathsis on character development as well as roleplaying. Players should always attempt default to roleplaying and challenges should be subtle and quick to keep a realistic nature to game. Any further description will be provided in under Storyteller Mechanics.

Those in Power:
“All things may corrupt
when minds are prone to evil.”

The Prince: The prince is barely ever seen. And those who have met the prince have a hard time describing it. The prince (who gender is unknown) is just often described as terrifying. Some have said her beauty made them fall to their knees. Others have liken him to like the true Jersey Devil, so frightening Satan leaves the gates of hell closed. That would explained why so many damned live in Jersey city. This prince took over in 1945. The former Prince was a Nathan Van Vorst, distant relative to Cornelius Van Vorst, founder of one of the earliest settlements of Jersey City, who claimed to be one of the first vampires in the area. Creating propaganda against the native americans was how his beast survived. As the city became more populated he formally claimed princeship in 1873 after dethroning a self proclaimed Europeans twit. At first, he was very sociable and charming, building the vampiric society of Jersey City. He had a hard time letting go of his old ways. He still held slaved even during the revolutionary war, ghouling most of them. He even influenced the NJ law to keep slavery around longer. In the early 1900’s He switched over from african American male ghouls to females. Nathan was even rumored to own other vampires and keep them just like ghouls. Nathan’s resignation is still up to debate amongst some of the locals. They had not seen him for months and then during on elysium a letter was delivered to the sheriff. The letter stated his forfeit of princeship. For the better of the city was deferring princeship to a warrior who wished not to be refereed by name but by the title of prince. The months to follow many tried to challenge it but either left the city, quickly stepped down, or were never seen again.
Seneschal: Pearle Nowzari, Mehket, Crone.
Herald: The position of herald has rarely been filled due to population size. The Seneschal has often done the job of the herald and it’s not uncommon that an assistant to the Seneschal has filled the position.
Primogen: Unlike some cities, Garden City’s court has never had an even primogen council. Former Prince Nathan, refused very influential elders on his council due his own disdain for their appearance. The current prince has offered positions to every influential elder, however some have turned it down, perhaps they don’t like charity.
Priscus: Most the the primogen are also the pricus with the exception of the Daeva who have Tillo Siegbert as their priscus, and the Ventrue who have Clifton VanVorst.
Whip: No formal whip.
Harpy: Ailene Overholser, Nosferatu Carthian.
Sheriff: A Mekhet named Felix, also acts as the hound.
Hound: No formal Hound.
Daeva: Every Daeva is a harpy, -- no seriously. Up until one hundred years ago, around 90% of the Daeva’s held the power of silver-tongued harpy. Of course it was common knowledge that the harpies had vices that the former prince catered too. After his fall a short german woman by the name of Ailene Overholser took over. She is the current Harpy, although no one doubts that she has an extra set of eyes.
Gangrel: Up until the 1960’s the gangrel populations had been low. Mostly because former Prince Nathan’s public hate for them. As transportation became more accessible his grip loosened in the city. He even offered a special status to those who that brought him the head of a gangrel. Using propaganda against the gangrel, members of the city actually began to hate them. The current prince seems not to have a biases to the gangrel and it’s rumored that the prince is gangrel, but that’s usually by those who hate the gangrel.
Mehket: have held their tongue in silence for many years. No one understands this silence perhaps because their leading Mehket was the favored lover to the former prince. She herself barely says anything and is extremely soft spoken.
Nosferatu: Another restricted clan by former Prince Nathan. Their presence was too ugly or disturbing for his city. He often sent mortals after them but rumoring them to be witches. Since the city was kept up there was no safe haven for the nosferatu. As the decline of the city the gates became flooded. Now the Nosferatu make of a majority of the vampire population in Jersey city alone.
Ventrue: Probably more inbred than the royals themselves. During 1779 as head of the Ventrue Nathan Van Vorst declared that all Ventrues are were invictus. Not only did this amass a strong following for years and years to come but this group gave VanVorst a powerhouse to maintain princeship.

The Carthians Movement: Very new to the city. Around 100 years old. They are extreme ambitious trying to take all three cities at once. They biggest challenges against the rate of the death and decay in the cites. As a covenant, they influence most colleges and a responsible for the “rebuild the city” movements.
The Circle of the Crone: Banished by the former prince. They are beginning to grow as the Lancea seem to fade. Perhaps faith isn’t dying but rediscovering itself. Some members have been former Lancea and have seen another light.
The Invictus: Are unfavored after the poor represenation by the former Prince. All the current Invictus are part of the former princes line.
The Lancea Sanctum: Favored by former prince, but sadly as the faith of mortals is dying so does the faith of undead.
The Ordo Dracul: Rather Neutral. They have been very quite dragons dwelling in their caves. Few have ever crossed them, and those who have chosen to antagonize them have felt the lash of their tongue. They favor the current prince, however no one is forthcoming of why.
The Unaligned: Over populate the city. After VanVorst’s Iron Curtain fell, the lost souls were not longer persecuted and now hide in the dark corners of run-down cities. Most seem to live in Jersey City.
Antagonists: Currently there is no “bad guy” of New Jersey. Due to the cities’s small population, each character is their “own worst enemy”. Petty squabbles, are common, stealing from each other is also common, not due to need but just “because I can”. There are many vampires who are not accounted for, and the Unaligned are commonly picked on, unless there is an inbred Invictus around. Rumor has it there is another rival city south of Jersey City, however no one has seen vampires of this city.
People of Note: VanVorst’s Children are still around, while mostly belittled Invcitus, these crayons aren’t the dullest one in the box, maybe second dullest. That being said, Nathan’s ghouls are still around. Some have lost their bonds other claim to have it. There’s a black woman by the name of Jermaine, she hasn’t aged, and is viewed as the lowest form of a whip to the city. Anything you ask her to do she will. There’s another woman known as “the pipe lady”, half the city thinks she’s off her rocker, but if boredom hits the soul her stories will keep you occupied.
Places of Note:
Jersey City: With a population of 240,055, Current Mayor is Jerramiah Healy. Three ways of getting to and from Jersey City, the path (Journal Square), the ferry (Port Liberty) and car. While the prince has not formally decreed such, VanVorst Park is off limits. Locals won’t go there and they don’t know why. The heights are were most of the Invictus live. Journal Square is a public feeding ground to all however the masquerade must be kept. Goldman Sachs Tower on 30 Hudson Street, is financial building, which is one of the tallest in NJ. The Jersey City Museum is the formally Elyisum here.
Hoboken: Population: 38,577 . You’ll never see a German vampire in Hoboken. Maxwell’s Rock Club is an extremely popular club to locals and the like and also has been declared a public feeding ground, however discretion is key.. Most Daeva populate Hoboken due to the hedonistic life style. Also a large college town. With the former title of a “Bar on Every Corner”, Hoboken is the perfect vampire ground for prey and companionship.
Newark: 280,451. While third oldest Major city in the US, no vampire claims to originate in Newark. Perhaps there is something in the water. Sells most insurance next to Hartford CT. Locations of Note with in Newark are: Newark Penn Station, QXT, Newark Airport. QXT is the Elyisum in Newark as decreed by the Prince.

Themes: In addition to those presented by the gothic horror genre:
Decay: Barely anything grows in Jersey City.
Change of Power: the once invictus ridden city is slowly losing their grasp with the young Carthian wave of change.
The loss of humanity: due to the dark nature of the city the beast runs wild in the hearts of monsters, consuming those of weak will.
Corruption: Is at an all time high. the mentality of Mayor Hague hasn’t died. Skeletons wine and dine in everyone’s closet.
Living in the shadow: Jersey city while its own city, is often overshadowed by New York or used by New Yorkers to further themselves. However those who can’t cut it in the big apple often return to the garden.
Mood: dark. very dark.

IV: Things to note:
Character Creation: We follow the Camarilla Addendum. The storyteller has the right to veto a Character concept however must give an explanation of some sort. A character can be denied if there are too many in story (no one needs another nazi) or if the character can be seen as destructive to the game. Example: A vampire hater who blows up his own. It is suggested that characters are kept young. Any character wishing to be over 100 years old must have a character history prior to game. Characters who have a blood potency of two or more must also have a character history prior to starting game. Garden City also follows the three game audit. (I’m Not sure if that’s what it’s called). If a player lacks to hand in a character history by the third game, the ST has the right to not give XP, let XP be spent, approve proxies, nor is obligated to create personal plot. This rule is strict due to the heavy weight on personal story and horror of the game.
Proxy: Garden City follows all Camarilla rules for Proxy with the storyteller’s discretion. Reminder to please follow the 48 hour rule.

Feeding: “I think there’s something in the water....” According to genre, the average vampire average ranges one vampire to somewhere between 50,000-100,000 people. By this calculation the max amount of vampires in the cities focused would be 11. For playing purposes the ratio will be around one vampire to 20,000-40,000 people. Hoboken is an exception due to the number of visitors to the city for it’s night life. Feeding challenge difficulties are different for different locations. Also character presentation will count toward this. Example Johnny Invictus in his Armani suit going into Jersey City around Martin Luther King Blvd, will have a harder time blending in and stalking prey. However if Johnny Invictus is trying to get mugged and attack his prey he’s at an advantage for everyone will jump the white bred for his suit. Masquerade breechers are easier here, because Johnny Invictus stands out. If Johnny Invictus is in Hoboken the odds for him impressing and seducing some college girl put the challenge in his favor. Chances of breaking the masquerade are lower. People might remember he was a nice guy in a nice suit if she disappears. Places that have been called public feeding grounds by the Prince have been determined to be amicable for all character types.
Allowed: Most mundane items an average person would have on them under 30 dollars does not need an item card. I.E. a bic lighter, make-up, candy, utitly knife (like husky). This does not count things like rope (interms of connivence) or a stake those are items that should be declared prior to playing. The storyteller has the right to approve of other items that would fitting for your character, as well as deny items that would not be fitting for your character. Other items and things please defer to Camerilla Sanction nWOD material.
Not allowed: While nothing is formally not allowed, due to the nature of the game items that would draw mass attention discouraged. These items are explosives, nuclear bombs, cars that have fame five.
Approval: Most weapons with the acceptation on mundane knives need items cards that are stamped and signed by a storyteller. If you lose your card, you lose your item.
Travel Risks: Between cities along the path traveling is easy. The Path runs all night long so traveling between cities as well into New York is easy. However there are no guarantees that there are welcoming faces from either side. NJTransit does stop after 2 a.m. not starting again till almost 5-6 am. As for driving, usually traffic is a minimum, however into NYC would take at least 2 hours by the evening due to the amount of people coming in and as well as traffic from the city due to construction.
Visitors: Please respect our rules and our players. Items that may be approved at home may not be approved in this game. Please notify the VST at LEAST 48 hours before attending game. The more time you give the more plot you can receive as well as the more items and powers are likely to be approved. If visitors are disrespectful or characters are destructive (and not the plot kind) the VST has the right to not allow the character or the player to the game.
Experience Award: For attendance players are awarded 3xp per game. They may receive ONE additional xp for Costuming and another ONE xp for exceptional roleplaying. This makes a total of Five XP that be potentially earned. It is up to the storyteller for awarding the two additional experience points. Other Players can nominate players but it is asked that they explain what stood out for Role-playing, and Costuming. Example: Marc nominates Tim because Tim kept a French Accent for the whole game. Cid Nominates Joanna because she dresses flawlessly as her a Victorian Character,However if player(s) are disruptive to a game or just seem to show up to collect xp the ST can award less than 3xp.
VST Rights and Responsibilities: The VST does have the right to deny players or characters to game if they do not follow the guidelines. As set forth in this VSS and Camarilla guidelines. If personal life is perceived to bleed into in game interaction the VST has the right to stop a scene or remove a character. Example: Mary recently got mugged and is currently in a feeding scene that seems to be similar causing her to be uncomfortable. The VST’s responsibility is to notice cues (as well as the players responsibility to notify the VST) and change the scene.

  • Game Date and Time.

    Date Black Friday (This friday) Time :Check in 6... Game about 7 Place: At Dominic's House.... 29b Juiniper Lane Eatontown NJ 07724

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