Rys (agentaldrich) wrote in gravesalongpath,

Requiem Invite

Those cammies who can read this, receive in various ways a small tube about the
length of a pencil and half an inch thick. Inside comes out a stick
attached to a black flag about four inches by five inches. Upon
examination the flag has written in a white script:

"You are among the few who have been selected to indulge in the Black

Rumor in NJ elysium is the black parade is an exclusive annual party held
by the current Harpy. It's a boon & secret party, and for those who
test their luck it can make or break their status for the year. Upon
inquiry some kindred may propose offers for your invitation, if you are
not able to make it to came feel free to email for further information
if you wish to "sell" your invite.

Matt, you may send this to DE players, and anyone else may send this
around to anyone they know who may want to go. We're still unsure of
location due to uncertainty of numbers. However let players know if
they have not been to an NJ game to email me ahead so downtime can be
done since this is "invite only".

Once we have a location down pat I'm
going to send this to Jed to send to all of EC and keep you all posted.

Game is on Black Friday, which is the day after thanksgiving. RSVPs would be nice just so I know how many players I'll have.

  • Game Date and Time.

    Date Black Friday (This friday) Time :Check in 6... Game about 7 Place: At Dominic's House.... 29b Juiniper Lane Eatontown NJ 07724

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