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Updating & Stuff

First, the CRD is updated, so you all can read the VSS and it's easy to find.

Second, Everyone try to find a song that represents their character. A song, not ten... but send me them in order from best to not as best (like that?) so if there are repeats I can put another song.

Now why you may ask... here's why.

I'm going to make a CD of all our songs as player characters in NJ (Vistors are more more more and more than welcome! So DE send some love). Then I'm proposing after putting them together doing one of three things. 1. Charge like 4 dollars (not sure on the number) for them for a said charity, or 2. Just give them to you guys cause I love you, or 3 (which I'm not sure of how to do this at all) but charge some small fee and put it towards game site rental. I'm leaning towards number one cause we should do charites and either way I love you guys. And if you guys do a small write up on why the song is your character I'm sure I can award XP.

Third, I'm going to post the news from last game just incase anyone forgot what it was about.

Fourth friends only? So fair only the people who are watching can see friends only posts which are IC posts, I think that's fair, and OC posts everyone can see... what do you guys think?

Fifth, I'm working on a poster, what should our Icon be or the poster be of? So far i'm thinking of making a vampire lady in illustrator (been done) and the state of NJ with batwings.

(will be cross posted to yahoo groups)

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