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OOC Information

Hey all sorry about the delay, I know you're all hanging out waiting on it, but our VSS was approved! (I'm learning the ropes I swear!)

Therefore we need to have a game....

October 21st
Is the tenative date, it will be hosted in Eatontown NJ currently at one of our members homes. RSVP is requested for it we have more than 10 people, we will rent a larger hall/room. Times, directions and all the other little details will be posted shortly.

email me at agentrys@aim.com for an RSVP. Please put in the heading RSVP OCT 21.

also email me with your characters, whether or not they are in this game. EC has a 48 hour rule about characters but the more time I have the more personal plot I can provide.

Also any questions feel free to shoot my way as well.

  • Game Date and Time.

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