Requiem Invite

Those cammies who can read this, receive in various ways a small tube about the
length of a pencil and half an inch thick. Inside comes out a stick
attached to a black flag about four inches by five inches. Upon
examination the flag has written in a white script:

"You are among the few who have been selected to indulge in the Black

Rumor in NJ elysium is the black parade is an exclusive annual party held
by the current Harpy. It's a boon & secret party, and for those who
test their luck it can make or break their status for the year. Upon
inquiry some kindred may propose offers for your invitation, if you are
not able to make it to came feel free to email for further information
if you wish to "sell" your invite.

Matt, you may send this to DE players, and anyone else may send this
around to anyone they know who may want to go. We're still unsure of
location due to uncertainty of numbers. However let players know if
they have not been to an NJ game to email me ahead so downtime can be
done since this is "invite only".

Once we have a location down pat I'm
going to send this to Jed to send to all of EC and keep you all posted.

Game is on Black Friday, which is the day after thanksgiving. RSVPs would be nice just so I know how many players I'll have.

Updating & Stuff

First, the CRD is updated, so you all can read the VSS and it's easy to find.

Second, Everyone try to find a song that represents their character. A song, not ten... but send me them in order from best to not as best (like that?) so if there are repeats I can put another song.

Now why you may ask... here's why.

I'm going to make a CD of all our songs as player characters in NJ (Vistors are more more more and more than welcome! So DE send some love). Then I'm proposing after putting them together doing one of three things. 1. Charge like 4 dollars (not sure on the number) for them for a said charity, or 2. Just give them to you guys cause I love you, or 3 (which I'm not sure of how to do this at all) but charge some small fee and put it towards game site rental. I'm leaning towards number one cause we should do charites and either way I love you guys. And if you guys do a small write up on why the song is your character I'm sure I can award XP.

Third, I'm going to post the news from last game just incase anyone forgot what it was about.

Fourth friends only? So fair only the people who are watching can see friends only posts which are IC posts, I think that's fair, and OC posts everyone can see... what do you guys think?

Fifth, I'm working on a poster, what should our Icon be or the poster be of? So far i'm thinking of making a vampire lady in illustrator (been done) and the state of NJ with batwings.

(will be cross posted to yahoo groups)
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Downtime stuff?

I know some other Chapters/Domains give out XP for writing downtime log's of what your PC does and link them to LJ communities like this. How are we handling giving out downtime XP? (Online role playing, IC journal keeping, etc.) Figured I'd post this on here since this is strictly for Requiem.

IC: 8 o'clock News

On multiple local news channels. A reporter reports the following:

8:00 p.m on Channel 7
"Tonight is a night of tragedy. Three limo drives and one driver of a rolls royce were pulled out of their cars, beaten, and throats slashed. Along with a large fire on Pavonia Avenue, in downtown Jersey City, cops were not able to maintain order. While the JCPD has not commented on what caused these fatal events, they are looking for this man *A sketch of Paul's Character Antione DelMont is on the screen* If you have information on this man please call 555 555 5555 or 1800 555 5555 (email agentrys@aim.com Subject: Police News Report)"

10:00 P.M. on Channel 13
"Last night, Four beaten and killed and one officer is missing. Captian J.R. Dwight of the JCPD is still missing after losing control at a 911 emergeny on Paviona Street in Jersey City. The four men, three limo drivers and one the owner of a rolls royce were pulled out of their cars while they waited outside of the BLANK NAME church. Police are confused of what did occur, however this man *A sketch of Paul's Character Antione DelMont is on the screen, then in one of those side windows.* Is believed to know have information of the recent tragedies. (Then a poor poor poor poor poor DEAR GOD IT"S POOR quality video is shown of a police officer Dwight firing a gun. It's very very choppy and there are three blurry figures on the screen. They don't register as vampire just as part of the choppy poor film. However vampires at the scene will recognize the figures are vampires.) Please call 555 555 5555 or 1800 555 5555 (email agentrys@aim.com Subject: Police News Report)"
with any information

First game!!!!

Hey Guy rys here!

Thanks to all who made it to my first game! Turn-out was up and then down and then up, so I'm thankful for all who came. Sorry that Albany got snowed in, but Woohoo to the DE people who drove like five hours!

XP stands as following:
3 for all who showed
4 for those who dressed up
5 for those DE people who traveled so long.

Body Count: 11 players!

I will be posting a survey for all of those who came to give me feedback.... :-D


OOC Information

Hey all sorry about the delay, I know you're all hanging out waiting on it, but our VSS was approved! (I'm learning the ropes I swear!)

Therefore we need to have a game....

October 21st
Is the tenative date, it will be hosted in Eatontown NJ currently at one of our members homes. RSVP is requested for it we have more than 10 people, we will rent a larger hall/room. Times, directions and all the other little details will be posted shortly.

email me at agentrys@aim.com for an RSVP. Please put in the heading RSVP OCT 21.

also email me with your characters, whether or not they are in this game. EC has a 48 hour rule about characters but the more time I have the more personal plot I can provide.

Also any questions feel free to shoot my way as well.
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This is the first post of the Graves Along the Path LJ.

As in the profile, this game is a NJ Requiem Larp that is part of White-Wolf's Camarilla Club., both OC and IC information will be posted here as well as oppurtunities to roleplay. Don't have an LJ for your character or don't wnat to make another LJ? That's ok. Just make an Icon for you character and use that when posting.

Any other questions you can direct to the ST at:

AIM: AgentRys
email: AgentRys@aim.com
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